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BioLock Pro

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Special Features
Product Description
"BioLock ProTouch is a cutting-edge fingerprint door knob, seamlessly blending advanced biometric security with sleek design. Experience hassle-free access control, ensuring only authorized individuals can unlock your door with a simple touch. Elevate your home security with the perfect fusion of technology and style."

More choices
* Minimalist unlock
Unlock via fingerprint/mechanical keys/APP(optional)
*Suitable for Multiple Scenarios
*Scramble PIN Code Technology
Input any random numbers before or after the correct pass code, to confuse others’ prying eyes , which makes your access much more secured.
* Easy to install with a screwdriver
No extra drills needed, no locksmith needed
* Always Open Mode
After enable always open mode, it will be lock free.Everyone can access the door without verify.
* One-Touch Unlock
Enter your home within 0.3S just a touch unlocks
* Micro-USB Emergency Interface
When the battery is dead, an external power bank can be used for emergency unlocking
Zinc Alloy
Unlocking ways
Mechanical keys/Fingerprint/APP(optional)
Backup power
Micro-USB  port
4 Pcs AAA alkaline  batteries 
Door swing
left or right swing doors
Working temperature
-20~ +55℃
Fingerprint Capacity
30 groups
Door Thickness
Working Voltage
6 V