Business Partners

Choosing Sfiora


We believe in growing together and working as a team.

Sfiora offers high commission rates and great perks for micro influencers.

Our programs are meant to give you a stable side income.

We provide training and membership at no cost.


To be our partner, you must exhibit three qualities, honesty, excellent communication and transparency.



  1. Must have at least 100k YouTube subscribers, 500k Instagram followers, and 50k Facebook followers or a combination of the right audience can also be accepted. 
  2. We do not require any prior experience.
  3. Audience must be mostly USA based.


To register:


  1. Register for the right program.
  2. You will have an online interview after being selected where we will discuss about the the projects you need to start working on.




  1. You will be given a project and will be given the free product to unpack and give honest reviews on.
  2. We require honesty from out affiliated partner as we always believe in the best product and the reviews from our valued customers.
  3. You will receive a discount code for your audience.


Payments and perks:


  1. For every purchase made through that code, you will receive a commission.
  2. Apart from the free product, you will also be given a partners discount on all our products. Such purchases can be made through your credit card and name saved with us and partners discounts are non transferable.