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Modern Brief Design Chandelier Gold

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Lamp Power(W)
Emitting Color

Design Chandelier Gold


Main Materials: Hardware+Acrylic

Voltage: 85-265V

Dimming:Yes ( Only Dimmable RC )

Remote control:Yes ( Only Dimmable RC )

average Life: 50000h

Light source type: LED Chips

Finish: Painted

Color:White or Brown (as Photo)

Bulb Included or Not: Yes

Dimmable RC : Not only include 3 light color warm white and natural white and cool white , but also dimming brightness (With Remote Control)

1.This light is modern and minimalist, suitable for a wide variety of homes.
2. It is warm and cheerful.
3. It is applicable in hotel, restaurant, living room, dining room, bedroom, foyer and loft, etc.

Material: aluminum + silicone
Treatment: electroplating / baking
Light color: App with RC dimmable

The size:
4 heads: 58 * 46cm (22x18in)
6 heads: 70 * 58cm (27x22in)

8 heads: 96 * 70cm (38x27in)


1. Please cut off the power before installation to avoid electric shock.
2. Please handle it carefully so as not to scratch yourself if the product is damaged.
3. Keep the product out of the reach of children to avoid injury.
4. The ceiling is securely installed to avoid loosening and falling.
5. Please let a professional electrician install it to avoid malfunction.
6. Please connect the straight line and neutral line correctly, and do not connect the two lines in the opposite direction. (Some products do not need to distinguish between live line and neutral line)
7. Please keep your hands dry when installing this product.
8. This product is only suitable for indoor use.
9. It is forbidden to change the scheme of the product itself.
10. Please assemble the product first and then install it on the ceiling.



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