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Royal Radiance: Noir et Or

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Manufacturing Technique : Canvas Print
Materials : 300g/sqm Cotton Canvas
Frame Thickness : Normally is 3.0 cm, if painting size is large or customer required we will use 4.0cm thickness frame 
Frame Materials: NO FRAME
Patterns: Like picture
Packing: 1. Rolled canvas in the tube;
Product Description
Introducing “Celestial Opulence: Noir et Or,” a captivating black and white with gold abstract canvas that transcends traditional art boundaries. This unique piece draws inspiration from celestial beauty, blending Italian and English to signify its heavenly charm and opulent essence. The noir tones provide a sophisticated backdrop, allowing the shimmering gold accents to radiate like celestial bodies in the night sky.

This canvas, a fusion of artistic expression and opulence, invites you to witness the divine interplay of light and shadow. The Italian touch in the name, “Noir et Or,” translates to “Black and Gold,” encapsulating the rich visual narrative of this masterpiece. Elevate your space with the regal allure of “Celestial Opulence,” where every stroke tells a story of celestial grandeur, making it not just a canvas but a statement piece that transcends ordinary decor.

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